About P-Desk Technologies

P-Desk Technologies is a global research and information hub providing recruitment, business & knowledge process outsourcing virtual assistance services to any organization; right from start-up companies to high scale enterprise level organizations globally.

We have experts team of researchers-sourcers, specialist in different industry sectors which are highly dedicated, committed and exceptionally well trained to assist our clients and produce the results as per the requirements. We constantly upgrade our skill level to induce the expertise which is required to offer truly world class services. We help our partners boost their recruiting productivity at low cost while letting them focus on core competencies. No set-up, no infrastructure, no monitoring! You save on costs significantly and save time. You start getting results right from the inception of the process. Our offshore virtual recruiters work in line with your onsite team to achieve your objectives. Teaming up with P-Desk recruiters helps you visibly increase your recruiting efficiency at the same time making a significant impact on your bottom line.

Our capability

Whatever your requirement, our industry specialists and enviable resources allow us to recruit for any skill set, in any sector.

Free trial

We offer our clients a one day free trial. There will be no obligation and this exercise is done purely to assess the satisfaction of the client. Through this free trial, we are able to clearly estimate the requirements of the client and prepare the team dedicated to handle the client's account in an organized and streamlined manner.

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