Business Process Outsourcing

Database Cleansing-Data Sourcing

At P-Desk Technologies, we have been supporting clients for over 8 years to achieve their data quality objectives. We have developed a range of Data Cleansing Solutions that will help you make your data duplicate free and correctly formatted. Stop Wasting Time and Money Marketing to Bad Contacts.
Our Data Cleansing will help you:

  • Make your data more manageable.
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.
  • Increase marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • Improve CRM quality.

Whether you are looking to achieve a single customer view, remove duplicates or standardise your data, we can provide data cleansing solutions that will make your CRM data fit for business.

Web Research and Data Scraping

P-Desk Technologies offers complete web research services, inclusive of online information research, internet research, specific data research, data mining and data scraping.
Source of Data:

  • Product research from Yellow Pages, White Pages & E-Commerce Website
  • Data Research from Portals like Monster, CareerBuidler,, total jobs etc. & research from Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo & MSN.

What we collect:
Company details, email, website, switchboard numbers, mailing address, name of product, description, images, types of products & their classification.

High Speed Data Entry

P-Desk Technologies provides a wide range of online high speed data entry services such as:

  • Data Entry of E-books
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • Data Extraction from Web
  • File Conversion
  • Business Card Entry
  • Legal Document Entry
  • Image Data Entry

Benefits of outsourcing online data entry services:

  • Outsourcing online data entry services can help you save on costs, effort and time
  • Protect document from disaster
  • Data entry accuracy
  • Improve efficiencies

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Candidate/CV Sourcing

P-Desk Technologies provides a CV sourcing and candidate resourcing services to direct employees. Our job is to recognize a right candidate and furnish them with their credentials. We take the job from our clients and delivers then the most appropriate CV's within a short period of time. Our team of experts have an experience in selecting an exact candidates for the job requires and find the active CV that can meet a particular job requirements. CV sourcing saves plenty of time for your organization because you only receive resumes that are a fit for your position.

CV Formatting - Ad-hoc Basis!

P-Desk Technologies can help you with the services of formatting resumes with your company style-template to represent the resume in decent order. We are offering a services in Ad-hoc basis to give you the quality of our company services.

Database Building - Highrise, Bullhorn, Job Diva, PCR & Adapt(Bond)

P-Desk Technologies have been successfully developing databases for our clients for a number of years, and pride ourselves on understanding what you want to achieve and delivering on time and on budget. Many companies spend a lot of time and money getting data in databases but aren't getting the business intelligence they could out of that information.
We specialize in building database like Bullhorn, PCR , JobDiva, Highrise & Adapt(Bond)

Bulk Mailing

With our commitment to quality and service, we provide our customers with cost effective bulk mailing services.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Lead Generation

A quality sales lead strategy can double you turnover!
We help our client by giving them back-office support by doing lead generation. We can plan a strategy that works best for you to increase your marketing and sales performance.

  • Constant flow of leads
  • Higher closing rates

We make inbound lead generation profitable for your business.

E-mail Marketing

P-desk Technologies help you drive revenue by using email marketing to effectively build strong client relationships.

WordPress - Blog Setup and Postings

We have expert team of researchers for uploading 'blog posts' & ' press release' to wordpress site.

Data extraction / Online data retrieval from Website-Portals

We can help you build Custom Data Extraction Solutions that allow you to quickly deliver critical information to your customers and improve your bottom line.

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